Master site plan & conceptual plans drawings for all individual buildings.
Preliminary profile/sectional drawings based on specific process requirement.
Preparation of 1:100 scale architectural drawings & submission drawings for Govt. Approval.
Preparation of 1:100 scale architectural drawings & submission drawings for Govt. Approval.
Detailed drawings for Architectural and Civil works for Main Plant, machine layouts, Trusses, Portals, RA trenches , H Plants, RMG, DG/Electrical Panel Room & Electrical 132/66 KVA yards, Gate Cabin, Worker’s Amenity Block, Under Ground Water Tank, Weigh Bridge, Pipe/cable rack , E.T.P , admin Block & Housing etc.
Structural designing & Preparation of Working drawings for structural engineering works for all heads.
Designing of specific machine/ DG / Transformer/ foundations, Electrical Switch yard, Weigh Bridge, Pipe/cable rack, E.T.P, return air trenches as well as humidification plant on the basis of supplier’s detail.
Design and drawings for water supply and sanitary installation work.
Design and drawings for landscaping and site development works such as roads, sewer line, water supply, fire hydrant line, rain water drains, rain water harvesting system, ETP lines, Cable Trenches, Pipe/Cable Rack etc.
Approximate / preliminary estimate for the above works on area basis for Budgeting. Detailed estimates, specification, BOQ, and tender documents with Specifications & other Terms for the above work.
Inviting tenders, scrutinizing the same and giving recommendations on the same.
Spot checking measurements of various item of work and as well as checking and certifying bills of the contractors.
In case, based on the suitability, Pre-engineered building is opted for; followings are included in the scope of our services Inviting pre-bid technical detail from various suppliers. Preparation of bid invitation & and tendering. Evaluation of tenders / bid, submission of evaluation report. Discussion on technical / commercial aspects with various PEB suppliers and award of contract. Study and approval on preliminary drawings by PEB Supplier. Analyzing the detailed working drawings. Analyzing STAD-DESIGN FILE / 3-D model from PEB Supplier along with confirmation on END- REACTIONS of building frame.