Prepare a ‘scope document’ in consultation with the client & other service consultants.
Review & co-ordinate the design & services concepts. Convey specific suggestions/recommendations to client.
On the basis of local conditions, review & validate specifications & list of materials for the project. Make specific recommendations to client. Review using ‘Value Engineering’ principals where required.
Generate a project schedule for all the anticipated project activities.
Issue tenders on behalf of client to shortlisted agencies.
Scrutiny & evaluation of tenders received and submitting our report & recommendations.
Review credentials of sub-contractors & suppliers proposed by the contractors and advice on acceptable. Assist client in negotiations, awarding of contracts & preparation of contract agreement.
Receiving list of drawings to be issued by each consultants and advise on their schedule of release in accordance to project schedule.
Identify the inter-dependence & critical activities of various services. Co-ordinate and finalize the activity schedules of all the executing agencies and the consultants. Monitoring the activity schedule and update on regular basis to identify the highlighting the critical issues. Preparing variations in activity schedule assigning the reasons. Report the above to client, recommending specific action. Discuss with client for the implementation measures for schedule recovery (if required).
Prepare and enforcement of an approved Quality Assurance Plan. Inspection of construction procedures and testing of materials on regular basis, taking corrective action in case of non-conformity and documenting the results. Reporting the quality of workmanship and materials to the client and making specific recommendations.
Formulating insurance policies to be obtained by various contractors. Establish safety norms in consultation with the executing agencies with inputs from specialized agencies in the field. Ensure adherence to the established safety norms.
Conduct weekly ‘Progress Review Meetings’ with the contractors, consultants and the client to formulate action plans. Issue of minutes of the meeting and follow-up ensuring action. Payments and cash flow projections on the basis of project schedule and its updation.
Payments and cash flow projections on the basis of project schedule and its updation.
Periodic review and report to the client, actual costs versus the budgeted costs with respect to the following: variation./deviations in the original quantities. Escalations in the material costs, POL and other parameters. Changes in design or/and specifications.
Payment to the contractors Obtain regularly updated measurement book from executing agency and validate. Receiving and checking the bill including verifying of abstracts of MB’s and certification of bills with specific recommendations to client.
Prepare a Material Management Plan for bought out and free issue items including: Safe storage, Issue and receipts, Accounting and reconciliation
Receive and maintaining a record of copies of all agreements, insurance documents, operations manuals, guarantees/warranties, list of manufacturer recommended spares, etc.
Maintain a day-to-day construction ‘Site instruction book’, which records the instructions/observations. The problems encountered and the solutions. Prepare a defect list of the contractor’s work and ensure rectification of the defects.
Fortnightly progress reports: Status and outlook of works on site. Critical items and activities. Report on labor/workforce deputed at site. Materials and equipment at site. Deviations, if any Bills and payments, if any
Obtaining the lists and locations of mechanical equipment, their operation and maintenance manuals and warranties. Finalization of contractor’s bills and organizing guarantees as per contract. Final inspection, checking/supervision of testing, commissioning and handing over of various parts of work along with all keys, manuals and records, etc. these would be handed over to client by the respective executing agencies after a joint inspection.
Assist owner on rectification of defects (if any) by the contractor during defect liability period. Summary report on the project and execution along with validation of ‘As-Built’ drawings prepared by various consultants/agencies.